You will understand that when I say the Moe Fugger crew of Dave Green and C.J. Goodearl and Son of Fugger: Radio Comedy Ads Nauseam blew me away, we are talking about a major miracle: I normally hate this kind of comedy.

It has become standard practice, unfortunately, for every legend in his own mind radio morning drive show to do funny skits, tell funny jokes, do prank calls, and try his hand at fake funny commercials. Every morning drive show on every radio station then releases a comedy CD of the so-called best funny bits. You usually find those in the bargain bin or for cheap at garage sales. I hate them and since I already have coasters, do not buy them. Moe Fugger and Son of Fugger: Radio Comedy Ads Nauseam is a far superior product and independent release comedy CD than any soon-to-be-coaster radio morning show comedy I have heard (had to endure).

Dave Green and C.J. Goodearl, the team behind Moe Fugger, form an intelligent duo whose comedy rises above the mean jokes about some local celebrity no one outside the market knows anything about, far above simple sexual content jokes, way beyond the funny commercial imitation you get normally. Just a look at the subtitle of this funny CD shows these two guys know how to use the language. Another major difference between Son of Fugger: Radio Comedy Ads Nauseam and your usual stuff is the production values. These guys actually have believable sound effects, high-tech recording that gives a crisp sound, a variety of topics and takes on them, and, most important: talent.

Those who like funny commercials will enjoy the Moe Fugger version of the Bud Light Real American Heros, Real American Zeros, This Moe’s 4 U, and Awkward Moments. Not all of these fake commercials are extremely funny, though many are, and they are not too long (no Saturday Night Live Fever here).

Funny commercials, for Moe Fugger, Swankson Frozen Dinners, Filatio Cologne For Men, and so on are a large part of this comedy CD. There is much more to Son of Fugger: Radio Comedy Ads Nauseam such as a few prank calls, spoofs of TV shows like Who Wants To Kill A Terrorist Millionaire, and The Men’s Whorehouse. 33 tracks in all, most of them good, some of them hilarious.

As you can tell from the title of the comedy CD and the title of the comedy tracks, this is not a funny CD for the faint of heart or overly sensitive but if you like your comedy with a head on it, this Moe’s for you.

Son Of Fugger – Moe Fugger
Dave Green, C.J. Goodearl
Independent Release Comedy CD
Mature language and content

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