The radio roots of the Moe Fugger comedy team of C.J. Goodearl and Dave Green are easy to see on Moe Fugger & Other “Twisted” Radio Comedy. The good thing is this is not your standard radio morning man comedy where some local joker makes prank phone calls and funny commercials to entertain his audience and then releases the recording as a way to make a quick buck. This comedy CD has high production values in terms of music, sound effects (quite a few fart jokes by the way), and voices.

The reason this radio comedy CD is by far superior to your standard offering in the genre is C.J. Goodearl and Dave Green are not limited by being on a real radio station and they can actually write a very funny commercial and extremely funny skits. Most important, with 43 tracks this comedy CD gives you a great bang for your buck.

The concept is centered around a fictitious beer label called Moe Fugger (get the pun?) so you get a few funny beer commercials. You also get a few installments of the adventures of that Australian crocodile guy as they should really happen. Nothing is sacred to this great comedy duo: the Pillsbury Doughboy becomes the Dillsbury Doug Bastard, Werther’s Originals become a funny commercial for Worthless Originals, not to mention Incontinental Airlines and a few other spoofed products. What is really cool about this comedy CD is none of the funny bits go on for too long (also known as Saturday Night Live Fever) and although not all of them are brilliant or exceptionally funny, none is bad or below average.

Moe Fugger & Other “Twisted” Radio Comedy also has a few “bonus” tracks related to the holidays such as Ozzy’s Twelve Days of Christmas where Ozzy Osbourne gives a modern version of an old Christmas story. As a comedy CD, this is not exactly highbrow comedy but if you like your comedy down to earth (and a bit below that) but you also appreciate real comedic talent, this Moe Fugger’s for you.

Moe Fugger & Other Twisted Radio Comedy
C.J. Goodearl and Dave Green
Stand-up comedy download
Independent Release
Mature Content And Language

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