The first comedy boom in the 80s died when there were too many comedy clubs and not enough good comics. This current comedy boom is soon going to die because there are too many comedy CDs and not enough good comics. Moshe Kasher Live in Oakland is one of those.  MP3 album at Amazon

A story about watching all of Star Trek The Next Generation in 6 weeks and eating jam from the jar is what passes for stand-comedy now. No wonder Moshe Kasher has a bit about a heckler yelling “Next” during one of his sets. The heckler was right.

Aside from a good bit on heaven and hell there is very little to this stand-up comedy CD and DVD set.

Live in Oakland also features bits about Moshe Kasher‘s dick being able to fit a Magnum condom, being straight despite all outward appearances, the Doors being a shitty band, a story about people in the NYC subway, and a bit of a rant about the use of the word bitches.

Moshe Kasher
Stand-up Comedy and DVD
New Wave Dynamics 2013

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