Live In New York City
Very few comedians since Bill Cosby have been able to capture the true essence of married life with children. Outside of Ray Romano nobody’s had very much success trying to match Cosby’s status but Tom Papa has.

Not yet a household name, Papa dedicates a vast majority of his 2012 stand-up comedy mp3 album Live from New York to the quirks of being a husband and father. This material starts off a bit slow, but really gets into full gear at the end of the third track, when he talks about his parents calling for the sole purpose of complaining about their spouse to him. From there, Papa has several consecutive tracks that are consistently funny, with very few lulls; even the worst tracks have funny bits in them.

Tom Papa plays the part of the helpless dad very well, from joking about the misery of marriage to acknowledging how little power he has in his own household. The track titled “King of the Castle” has one of the best bits on this subject. It addresses the evolution of the father-figure, from somebody who should be feared and all-powerful, to another toy/convenience for his children to play with. It’s spot-on and very funny.

Despite basing almost his entire set on life at home, Tom Papa is also very funny when he talks about other topics. He opens with a funny joke about technology and social networking, and sprinkles in other jokes about things like people singing and pets. He may seem like a one-trick pony, but that is more by choice than by ability. He can make jokes about a wide range of topics.

The material in this album is relevant, original, and has a very consistent pace. Tom Papa is just a little notoriety away from becoming the foremost authority on fatherhood in today’s stand-up world.

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Live In New York City
Tom Papa
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
Comedy Central Records 2012

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