Cindy Lauper’s “She’s so unusual” tag kept coming to mind while listening to Morgan Murphy’s stand-up comedy mp3 album Irish Goodbye.

Murphy has so many kinds of bits and different tones you are kept off balance and constantly surprised.  This is an album where a listener will find something new listening after listening.

Murphy goes for the dark/absurd bit like her mother telling her she is worthless while beating her with her trophie, quick one-liners such as “I did not drink the entire time I was pregnant … the longest four days of my life.”, and odd biographical stories.

Most of Murphy’s material is mostly very short but she can really build on a premise when she feels like it. The Planned Parenthood has a killer punchline.

If there is one thing about this comic that does not work is her frequent use of Ahhhhhhhh before she gets to the next joke. It becomes a bit grating.

I would pay good money to see Morgan Murphy live.

Irish Goodbye
Morgan Murphy
Comedy MP3 album
New Wave Dynamics 2014

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