BSeenMedia, the company that released the fantastic (and posthumous) Patrice O’Neal album Mr. P, is back with a new stand-up comedy MP3 album from Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman called “Please Be Seated.”

“Please Be Seated” is a blend of stand-up comedy mixed in with comedic songs.  Although I was not previously familiar with Micah Sherman, one of my favorite albums from 2010 is Myq Kaplan’s “Vegan Mind Meld” (also from BSeenMedia).  As a big fan of Kaplan’s work, I eagerly awaited new material from him, but I was admittedly only cautiously optimistic about this album, as I was not sure how Kaplan’s style would translate to music.

Well, the experiment largely fails.  This album is very hit or miss.  Certain bits were painfully unfunny, but other bits were clever and original.  If you are a fan of musical comedy (think Stephen Lynch, Nick Thune, etc), there is some quality content in this album.

After a brief introduction, the album opens with a song called “Comedians’ National Anthem.”  This song is essentially just a string of various comics’ catch-phrases and well-known bits, such as Larry The Cable Guy’s “Git Er Done” and George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television.”  It’s good for a chuckle and a single listen, but it will not be something you listed to repeatedly.

Track 5, “Inonic,” is a bit about the Alanis Morissette song “Ironic.”  That song came out in 1995, and in the last 17 years countless comics have commented on how the lyrics do not describe ironic situations but, rather, a string of unfortunate coincidences.  This bit is more of the same, but Kaplan and Sherman actually re-wrote the lyrics to be entirely non-ironic (or, as they call it “inonic”), and while the result is funny, it is largely predictable.

The album contains seven “bonus” tracks, none of which really add much value to the album.  Many of the tracks are simply “outtakes” from the proper album.

On the whole, the hits are unfortunately greatly outnumbered by the misses.  While there are definitely funny moments, it just does not come together as an album that will demand repeat listens.  You would be much better off buying Vegan Mind Meld (which is fantastic), and awaiting more solo stand-up work from Myq Kaplan.

PLease Be Seated
Myq Caplan, Micah Sherman
Comedy CD and MP3 Album
BSeenMedia 2012

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