If you listen to Nick Griffin’s stand-up comedy mp3 download album Bring Out the Monkey, you aren’t going to hear many subjects that you haven t heard comedians joke about before, but you will find many new twists that even experienced comedy listeners haven’t heard before.

Griffin gets the audience laughing right away with tracks about New York City, smoking marijuana, and drinking.  Like I said, nothing you haven t heard before.  But he still finds scraps of meat on the chewed up comedy bones and turns it into something that is great material. There are many laugh out loud moments in the opening tracks.

The problem is the album slowly starts getting worse once NIck Griffin reaches the track titled “No Patience”.  That is not to say he doesn’t have very good material at this point, far from it.  The high points just happen a little less frequently.  The tracks rating will drop from “hilarious” in the beginning to “decent” in the middle and end.

The weakest points in NIck Griffin s set are probably when he s talking about relationships, something which he unfortunately spends much of the second half of this stand-up comedy mp3 downloadable album talking about.   It s here that we see his creativity and originality decrease as he talks about tired comedic subjects.  Again, there are very funny points in this section.  But as opposed to earlier, when he could keep the laughs rolling, these tracks only have occasional hilarious lines that he relies on too heavily for such long bits.

Nick Griffin has excellent delivery that helps him pull through some of the slower parts of his set.  It s probably the sole reason he can get from funny line to funny line without the audience completely losing interest in between.

Despite the occasional lag of gut-busters and common themes Bring Out the Monkey  is still a very entertaining album.  Any listener will be able to laugh out loud at several points from the first track to the last.

Bring Out the Monkey
Nick Griffin
Stand-up Comedy CD
Rooftop Comedy 2010

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