The first fifteen minutes of Nick Cannon Mr. Showbiz are to stand-up comedy what Entertainment Tonight is to hard-hitting news. This stand-up comedy album opens with a bit about being Mr. Mariah Carey and related stories. The rest of the sometimes adult language material consists of better than average growing up, strange relatives, and Black people material. .

The better material on  Mr. Showbiz are Cheap Mom a bit about growing poor and eating cheap-ass cereal (Cap’N Crunch? We had Sergeant Soggy and Tyrone the Tiger “They’re Grrrr…its!”), and playing with a Mexican See N Say.

The next bits about his 4 year old niece, Juicy, who is destined for clear heels, and his gangsta grandfather are also pretty good. The latter includes a subtle dig at Enema / Eminem. Nick Cannon is best known for Drumline, Underclassman, and Love Don’t Cost a thing. This may be due to his inability to be gangsta when he was a teen.

There another pointless but somewhat funny bit on this comedy CD about being with Maria Carey and how she more than he is. The bit about Eminem assumes you are familiar with the adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Mariah Carey.

Nick Cannon Mr. Showbiz ends with a very odd bit supposedly about ending racism but is just another Black comic doing a redneck character joke.

This is not a particularly interesting stand-up comedy CD

Mr. Showbiz
Nick Cannon
Stand-up Comedy CD
New Wave Dynamics 2011
58 minutes


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