Mr. P does not only refer to the P in Patrice O’Neal, just to give you an idea. This posthumous stand-up comedy CD is O’Neal exactly like he was on stage. Much more so anyways than the Comedy Central special and DVD Elephant In The Room. At the same time, the audience work which is a central part of the material here would be much easier to understand if you could see the audience members in question.

This Patrice O’Neal CD begins with eleven minutes of crowd work to get everybody on the same page. The comic then goes into a very good bit on money that eventually segues into his take on Reparations: There is probably no credence to the conspiracy theory that O’Neal was in reality offed by the U.S. government for espousing the idea Blacks should not pay income taxes as a form of Reparations. That after he immediately points out in Race War it is the peaceful revolutionaries who get killed is just a coincidence.

The heart of Mr. P is a long white women vs. Black women routine. It is funny, dirty, and true; the hallmark of a Patrice O’Neal bit. The CD closes with a take on how sex gets less and less nasty as the relationship and the woman’s status in it evolves.

This is as close to having been there as you’ll get.

Mr. P
Patrice O’Neal
Stand-up Comedy CD
BSeen Media 2012

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