Rich Vos
Independent Release
Parental Advisory
55 minutes

Rich Vos is an aggressive, foul-mouthed stand-up comic who does not believe anything (or anyone in the crowd) is sacred. His self-titled independent release stand-up comedy DVD is 55 minutes of his best bits taped over a series of shows at The Stress Factory in Joisey. This is solid stuff for those who like irreverent stand-up comics.

This guy is an observational and biographical comic with a little bit of social commentary thrown in. Although Rich Vos likes to attack everything, one of his favorite targets is himself and this allows him a little bit more room to operate than others. Even his routine about Jesus, Good Friday, and Jews, although it gets the usual oooohhhs from the sensitive, will make you laugh. This is a white guy who can make jokes about every minority in the room and get away with it.

This stand-up comedy DVD is some 55 minutes long and aside from the last track, Recovery, the laughter (and the oooohs from the audience) never stops, not once. Granted, this was taped over a series of shows but you still have to give this comic due credit for his no holds barred comedy. His social commentary in tracks like Arabs, High Alert, Europeans, Block Parties, and I hate People is sharp and raw but some of his best stuff his when he becomes more biographical and discusses his ex, his kids, his the fact he himself is not a particularly great human being in real life.

Vos is an independent production probably done with two cameras. You will get the occasional shot of someone walking across the screen but this does not happen often enough to annoy and somehow adds to the reality of the comedy club experience. The picture and sound quality themselves are beyond reproach. An interesting production value is the white on black titles that precede each bit.

Rich Vos – Vos is a solid stand-up comedy DVD.

Track List:

High Alert
I Hate People
I’m a Jew
Political Correctness
Block Parties
Tough Guy
I Love Women
Letting Go


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