Kevin Hart Laugh At My Pain suggests a tears-of-the-clown show and this is what you get … sometimes.  Since you also get just as much about the comic’s sex life the show could also have been titled Hart To Hard. This stand-up comedy DVD is really 50 some minutes long.

The first thirteen minutes is interesting enough biographical footage there to make Laugh At My Pain long enough for theatrical release.  The last twenty are a short titled The Plastic Cup Boy which for some reason is also available in the special features.

The first painful tears come how hard it is for Hart to hang with and keep up with his celebrity friends. A longer routine this stand-up comedy DVD is about Hart growing up with a cokehead father and events at his mother’s funeral. Hart creates a good pathos – comic balance but some of the events go little too over the top for the audience to buy enough of the story to really care and connect. Other bits could have been included in any other show so the tears behind the pain thematic gets watered down.

Kevin Hart is a good adult language and audience comic with mostly decent and generic material. The routine about hiring Sponge Bob for his daughter’s party is funny enough but nothing you have not sort of heard before. This stand-up also likes to milk tags like the savings – checking account line until they are no longer funny.

Overall Kevin Hart Laugh At My Pain is good for some laughs so if you do not mind a fifty-minute comedy DVD what the hell

Laugh At My Pain
Kevin Hart
Stand-up Comedy DVD
VSC 2012

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