Gilbert Gottfried is probably known to most people for his appearance on Hollywood Squares and his voice work, especially as Iago in the Disney Aladdin movies. He is also one of the comics on the famously infamous The Aristocrats, the joke that closes this stand-up comedy CD.

This comic also makes Jackie The Joke Man Martling sound like an untouched by a priest choirboy when it comes to telling a dirty joke. Dirty Jokes, the stand-up comedy CD or stand-up performance DVD is the filthiest and funniest collection of dirty jokes ever put together on CD.

Dirty Jokes has to be the most complete collection of the filthiest jokes ever told way back when in the Borscht Belt. Comedy fans will probably have heard some of the forty-five dirty jokes on this funny CD but I doubt even the most avid fan of blue humor has heard all of them.

Also, a dirty joke is one thing, and we have all heard a comic try a few out, but it only really works if the stand-up comic telling it can actually deliver. Gilbert Gottfried delivers each joke with the best timing and patter I have heard a stand-up comic use when it comes to working blue.

There is something for everyone on Dirty Jokes, especially if you plan on getting fired because you repeated some of these jokes around the water cooler. The classic set up of course is a guy walks into something or other. In this case, the doctor’s office. But not all Gilbert Gottfried dirty jokes begin with “A guy walks into a doctor’s office…” some of them involve traveling salesmen stopping at a farmhouse, old Jews, wives, and cute but very lewd forest animals.

In fact, no one and nothing is safe from Gottfried’s salacious delivery on this extremely funny stand-up comedy CD.

There are many, many great, funny dirty jokes on this comedy CD. Personal favorites are The Aristocrats, Death or Oog-Goo, and Armless and Legless. A special standout are Stork where Gottfried delivers the joke as Alan King and Bill Cosby and Polish Kid which he delivers as Jackie Mason and Jerry Seinfeld.

The CD cover to Gilbert Gottfried Dirty Jokes looks exactly like the Parental Advisory Explicit Content sticker so don’t say you have not been warned. If you have a loved one in the Navy and want to see him blush, give this brilliant comedy CD. Even construction workers have been heard to say, “This guy goes too far!”

Gilbert Gottfried
Dirty Jokes
stand-up comedy CD
Image Entertainment
50 some minutes
Most definite and absolute Parental Advisory

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