Paul and Oates by Paul Varghese is a very enjoyable stand-up  comedy album.

Unfortunately, there is a table of assholes in the back of the club who feel the need to punctuate a lot of the punchlines with YEAH!, WOOHOOOOOs! And WHISTLING. After a while it really irritates, distracts like hell, and takes away from enjoying the performance.

Paul Varghese may be the only comic alive who has material about President Taft. This in an excellent series about the presidency and the fact the U.S.  are not doing that badly after all. This is followed by a very funny bit about unfortunate names Americans give to food and drink like Irish Car Bomb and how they would feel about people ordering a Pearl Harbor (I suggest a drink called the School Schooter).

Also very funny is the bit about Church on TV, the conversation he has with his mother about how often she and his father “talk”, and his dad mispronunciations.

Overall, if you are not easily irritated by assholes in the audience, this is an excellent release. If you are, you will like this comedy mp3 album Paul Varghese but not as much.

Paul and Oates
Paul Varghese
Stand-up comedy download or CD
Stand Up! Records 2013

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