Princess is an excellent stand-up comedy CD or MP3 album that grows on you with repeated listenings.

It is only after hearing a routine two or three times that you can really appreciate all the subtleties. Alysia Wood has a laid back delivery style and an audience friendly stage persona that really works and also allows her to slip in some of the more interesting jokes without you quite noticing it at first.

A good example of what Alysia Wood does is Dead Or In Jail. One of the set-ups is giving a Monopoly Get Out Of Jail Free card to an inmate she is visiting. The consequences to that are very funny and get funnier the second or third time around when you can appreciate the more subtle jokes like the meth lab on Baltic Avenue.

Alysia Wood does biographical material and always manages to make the bit more about something else than just her. An example of that is the title track, Princess. It is also very original. After all, how many daughters have the sex talk with their dad at 32?

For those who care this stand-up comedy MP3 and CD features some adult language.

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Alysia Wood
Stand-up comedy CD and MP3
Stand Up! Records 2012

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