Geez, Paula, sure took you long enough to put our a comedy CD!

I have always enjoyed Paula Poundstone. There is something convivial and unaffected about this comedian and her stand-up comedy that makes you immediately like her. After many years of unrequited patience, Paula Poundstone finally released her first CD: I Heart Jokes – Paula Tells Them In Maine. Again, there is something convivial about this comedian that really makes you like the CD

Poundstone has a very relaxed, conversational, audience interactive and friendly style that works for her and her audience and it is immediately obvious on this comedy CD. Though some of her fans may be disappointed by this, the comic does use adult language very occasionally so there you go.

The comedian opens with a few Maine and Maine v Massachusetts jokes. She then moves to some material about California and somewhat biographical comedy related to her kids and her getting older. She also takes on the trend of designer dogs and somehow manages to segue to her 12 cats.

The show then becomes interactive when Poundstone decides to riff with the audience. I always appreciate a stand-up comic who can do this and do it well and Paula Poundstone is one of them, even tossing in a few callbacks to boot. This is good for about fifteen minutes worth of fun before the comic goes back to her prepared set. The weakness, common to 90% of such moments on a stand-up comedy CD, is it is hard to understand the audience part of the riff.

The set then includes airport security and airline jokes. This is the lesser section of this CD. Poundstone then goes back to some excellent interplay with the audience before making a strange link between history and cats.

The closing moments on Paula Poundstone I Heart Jokes – Paula Tells Them In Maine show how much Poundstone enjoys being on stage and talking to people.

This Paula Poundstone stand-up comedy CD was way way due. I only wish the next one does not take that long to come out.

I Heart Jokes: Paula Tells Them in Maine
Paula Poundstone
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Independent Release
58 minutes

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