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Audio Ha-Ha ? Sketches Not Jokes
Ray Harrington
Comedy CD
Independent Release 2011

If you like sketch comedy you are going to really like Audio Ha-Ha – Sketches Not Jokes by Ray Harrington. I am less than partial to the genre and I found this sketch comedy CD quite enjoyable. Too often, sketch comedy runs too long and kills the joke. Harrington’s material usually lasts about three minutes and never goes too long. This is adult audience language and material.

Variety is also a strong point on this collection of studio tracks. Conservative Zombies (Tea Party members, fans of Larry the Cable Guy, etc) plays like a modern version of War of the Worlds. Damn Girl is a Barry White meets electronic music adult bit and quite funny. As a matter of fact Harrington has a knack for the funny song as evident in Ah K’n See Yo Pussay.

A recurring theme is the fifteen second Bully track: Cancer Bully, Bus Stop Bully, CPR Bully, Petting Zoo Bully: it’s weird as hell. I not convinced but the idea grows on you.

Also good are Raybercrombie and Fitch, Special Winter Olympics and its superb punchline,

The one weak track on this Ray Harrington sketch comedy CD is The Ventriloquist. I really failed to see the point. One bad bit out of twenty is pretty damn good.


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