Rhea Butcher is a stand-up comic, lesbian, valet, butch, vegetarian, Target employee, man, thirteen-year old boy, cat lover but dog owner, former Jodie Foster look-alike, hillbilly, only child with lots of board games, and baseball player people think plays softball. All of this is why her stand-up comedy album Butcher is so unique and relatable. It is also funny as hell.

Being straight (I was born that way so there you go) I have often been a little less interested in comedy albums where the focus was what’s it is like being gay and about the gay community. Funny is funny but it is funnier if you can really connect.

This is where Rhea Butcher stands out. Her material is about being a lesbian but it is also much more about identity and how people perceive or define you. This is why it is so great. Anyone can relate to the material because we’ve all been there.

The fact she is immediately likeable and down to earth is also a factor in how enjoyable this comedy album is but it is the material and how well Butcher can tell a story that makes is stand out.

I very, very much look forward to what Rhea Butcher will do next. Personally, I would love to hear more about her growing up in a hillbilly environment and more details about what it is like to actually shoot fish in a barrel and why you would do so in the first place.

Worth a listen is the album Rhea Butcher recorded with her wife Cameron Esposito. It is a bit messy but fun anyways.

Rhea Butcher
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