Cameron Esposito’s “Same Sex Symbol” is the third stand-up comedy release from independent recording label Kill Rock Stars — with the first two releases from Kurt Braunohler and the great Hari Kondabolu.

It goes without saying that the number one criterion for any successful comic is being funny.  Esposito is extremely funny, and has the added benefit of also being very likeable.  I always liked her when she was a panelist on Chelsea Lately, and I like her when she’s on the often hilarious show @Midnight.  Perhaps it’s her confidence, or her great outlook on life.  Regardless, she’s great, and so is this album.

The album opens with Cameron Esposito telling the story of a male heckler who once told her “you look like a woman who doesn’t sleep with men.”  That launches into a discussion about how she clearly already knows that she’s a lesbian, as evidenced by her “side mullet” and vest, and she assures the heckler that she has less interest in him than he does in her.

She includes a great story about having to wear an eye patch as a child, but not the cool black eye patch like you’d see in the movies.  Instead, it was a flesh-colored patch and, looking back on it, the defense mechanisms she developed to handle that could very well explain why she’s a comic today.

In perhaps my favorite track on the album, called “Lesbian Pornography,” Esposito throws a wrench in every straight male’s fantasy, and reveals that most of the so-called lesbians in pornography are not really lesbians at all, and don’t speak or act like real lesbians.

At one point in the show, Cameron Esposito asks if there are any straight males in the audience, almost as if to suggest that her act would not appeal to straight males.  Well I, for one, am a straight male and, although I was not in the audience for the taping, I am definitely a fan and can assure you that Cameron Esposito’s comedy, like all good comedy, is universal, and is to be enjoyed by all. This is a Kill Rock Stars release.

Same Sex Symbol
Cameron Esposito
Same Sex Symbol
Comedy CD and Mp3
Kill Rock Stars 2014

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