Rob Pue
Stand-up Comedy download
Too Far? / Comedy Records 2016

Rob Pue is a very busy Canadian comic. That may explain why it has taken a while for his first stand-up comedy download to come out. Puegilist was worth the wait.

Puegilist starts out with two superb routines. The first is how UGG boots are the white flag of fashion. This is followed by the routine that makes the album: Pue lives next to a school for the deaf and speculates as to how they call the kids back in after recess. It is a perfect 2 and a half minutes of comedy. The rest of the CD is pretty good too

It is a little odd for a single guy in his thirties to be doing material about raising kids but Pue sets it up so the audience can buy what he is saying and he uses his experience as an uncle to make the link. Part of that section includes a story about a news report about a snake eating a baby. Rob Pue really gets every possible laugh out of that premise.

The last third of the album features much more adult material. I am not a comedy wallflower but the change in tone did take me by surprise.

The Bonus Track is also very good and not, as is sometimes the case, filler material. The premise is simple: why can’t white comics talk about racism considering white folk invented it? Pue’s take is not close to ground breaking but it does set up some good laughs (and an ”On my God!” from the audience).

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