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I am happy Lianne Malaudin showed up, late or not for the party. Late For the Party is a solid stand-up comedy download from Canadian label Cottage Comedy.

One of the things that make this album stand out is Malaudin’s delivery. She does not sound like your standard stand-up comic and more like your friendly barkeep with fun stories, anecdotes, and observations to share.

Lianne Malaudin covers a lot of ground on this download. The show opens strong with Imaginary Parent which ties Covid with what happens if your sponsored kid gets it.

Other memorable routines include That Didn’t Age Well on how we do not notice we are older than we think and end up throwing pick-up lines at young guys in Starbucks. My one complaint about this is in her joke about the doctor who “can’t operate on her, she’s my daughter” a vital part of the original joke was “the OLD doctor says”. But I am being picky.

Though I liked all of Late for the Party, the following stand-out: “What Would Jesus Do” which is funny as it is irreverent, “Support Your Local Drug Dealer”, and three nicely tied together bits on living in a small town.

Lianne Malaudin is a hoot.

Late for the Party is available at Cottage Comedy Digital

Late for the Party
Lianne Malaudin
Stand-up comedy download
Cottage Comedy Digital 2021

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