Outsourced is the long awaited stand-up comedy CD by Canadian and international comic Russell Peters.

The seventy minutes on this comedy CD feature, unless you were at the show or have seen Russell Peters very recently, all new material and a clear intention by this stand-up comic to reach a world-wide audience. Outsourced is simply brilliant.

It is about time Russell Peters released a stand-up comedy CD and DVD. He has been thrilling crowds for quite a few years and has amassed quite a faithful following. This, in part, is due to one of his Comedy Central shows being made available on the internet which allowed many people around the world to discover this very talented, sometimes daring, highly personable, and extremely funny comic. This is something Russell Peters acknowledges on the opening track of Outsourced, Filthy Downloaders.

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There was a story running around Just For Laughs a few years ago about Peters impressing very veteran stand-up comics with the breath of his material, how quick he was with the audience, and how far he could go with cultural (racial) jokes. This is obvious on Outsourced. This comedy CD by Russell Peters shows an autobiographical stand-up comic whose observations are very original and sometimes have quite a bite to them. I am particularly impressed by his comedy routines on speaking English and English accents but then again I am impressed by all the material on this CD.

What I like about Outsourced is that it is clear a lot of thought went behind what material was going to be featured on the CD. Russell Peters has a lot of routines in his back pocket and he could easily have recorded some of his older stuff like “somebody’s gonna get a hurt” and other bits about growing up. Although I wish he had because these are really good comedy routines, Peters chose to do all new stuff that will please his growing international audience and satisfy his already large North-American fan base.

Russell Peters is also very good at riffing with the audience and he gets to do it a few times here. These improvised bits are just as successful as the rest of the material on this CD. For those who care, the parental guidance sticker on Outsourced has more to do with the very odd swear word and sexual reference and not with any blue material.

Outsourced by Russell Peters is not absolutely perfect. He does say “Know what I mean?” a few times too many for my taste and I’ve always found that very annoying. Otherwise, this IS a perfect stand-up comedy CD, the kind you will keep on the top of your favorites pile, the kind you  listen to time and again, and the kind you never, ever want to lend to your friends because you know you are not going to get it back: “Sorry, dude, I’m listening to it again.”

Russell Peters
Stand-up Comedy CD version
Warner Brothers Nashville 2006
70 minutes

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