Simon King opens this stand-up comedy CD with a routine about llama fisting. You gotta love the guy.

Unfamous segues into a short routine about a crazy guy on the bus, swearing at work, and amateur night at the strip club. King is a high energy short joke stand-up comic who also does a few characters voices. Everything works on this  comedy album but I am a smidge put off by Simon King’s tendency to shout some of his material and his energy is a bit exhausting but that’s my mood these days.

There is no doubt Simon King has the chops. He seamlessly goes from topic to topic and you never know where he is going to end up. For example one routine goes from George Bush to Bin Laden to oil shortages to old people in blenders. I really wish the comic had done more with the blender stuff but he doesn’t stick around a subject too long so he ends up talking about the war on drugs, and paranoid pot smokers.

I’ve also been listening to some early Jonathan Winters and I could not help but notice King has the same kind of mental agility as Winters, also has a talent for noises and voices, and just about the same kind of focus or lack thereof. Comparisons are unfair though but it’s the best I can do to give this comic and this stand-up comedy CD their due.

Make no mistake, Simon King Unfamous is for an adult audience in terms of topics and language but Simon King is not a “dirty comic” as such. This is very funny and enjoyable stand-up comedy but you do have be able to go along with King’s marathon pace and delivery.

Simon King
Stand-up Comedy CD
Uproar! 2010
53 minutes

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