If you like the early, interesting, and not lazy as F… Russell Peters, you are going to like Sugar Sammy and his first stand-up comedy CD, Down With the Brown.

Recorded in Ottawa, Canada, Down With the Brown is Sugar Sammy ‘s first CD. It is both a calling card that demonstrates the kind of ethnic comedy Sammy can do and how adept he is at interacting with the audience and a sign that this comic can do much more.

Down With The Brown is a mix of ethnic comedy bits that often come from the diversity of Sugar Sammy’s audience. Sammy’s forte is his ability to immediately connect with his audience and endear himself to both it and the listener. There is some adult oriented language and material here but nothing particularly offensive unless you come from a “good Christian home”

Sugar Sammy covers a lot of ethnic comedy ground here: Blacks, Indians, the French, Pakis, Arabs, Quebecois, and French Canadian. The last two are something you never hear on a stand-up comedy CD and Sammy briefly shows off his ability to do comedy in French.

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The CD also includes a brief, point on dig at Americans.

Sound wise, Sugar Sammy Down With The Brown is a bit on the tinny side but not annoyingly so. There is also a cell phone ring in the middle of a bit; not much you can do about that.

If you like ethnic comedy, this is a solid release. However, I do hope Sugar Sammy will move beyond this restricted kind of material; he’s more than got the talent for it.

Down With The Brown
Sugar Sammy
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release
44 minutes

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