Stand Up Goalie by Canadian comic Kelly Taylor is an excellent stand-up comedy download album. Taylor is a mostly biographical comic.

The heart of this album is parenting and growing up. Taylor has four kids so there’s a lot of material about which kid is the favourite depending on the situation, the joy of being a four-ear-old, and what happens when your little princess turns into a teenager. This is just to name a few.

What I really liked about that section is how each bit flowed smoothlessly to the other.

Another great bit is how camping is more an excuse for drinking early than a real vacation. Everybody will relate to Discount Tupperware and the washed to death margarine container with the wrong lid.

Most original on this stand-up comedy album is the bit on deciding whether or not it is close enough to waking up time to take a leak and the dangers of the three a.m. wee.

Kelly Taylor closes strongly with an observational bit on how men and women sneeze differently. You’d think there’s not much there but you would be wrong. The many callbacks in the last track feel forced and do not quite work.

Stand Up Goalie by Kelly Taylor clocks in at fifty something minutes and features clean stand-up comedy aside from a snapping arsehole and an F bomb. This, once again, excellent stand-up comedy download is available from Comedy Records

Stand Up Goalie
Kelly Taylor
Stand-up comedy download album
Comedy Records 2022

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