This CD set is a must have and just about perfect look at Canadian stand-up comedy.

Who better than Yuk Yuk’s founder Mark Breslin to present the history of stand-up in Canada? This 5 CD set features 4 discs about Canadian comedy with clips of more than 50 comics. There is a bonus comedy CD reissue of Yuk Yuk’s The Funniest 50 minutes Ever. If you are into stand-up comedy this belongs on your shelf and lit properly.

Yuk Yuk’s Guide to Canadian Stand-up is in the audio book section at your local store because Mark Breslin tells the story of his comedy club and Canadian stand-up. Each section closes with an audio clip of the comic Breslin is talking about. The routines are 3 to five minutes long. Since the clips were recorded at different times and in different venues the sound quality varies a bit but it’s nothing to really quibble about.

Yuk Yuk’s Guide to Canadian Stand-up Comedy is divided in 3 sections. CD 1 is The Roots with comics like Don Harron, David Steinberg, Dave Broadfoot, and Larry Horowittz. CD 2 presents The Stars and includes Howie Mandel, Jim Carrey, Mike MacDonald, Brent Butt, and others.  Discs 3 and 4 are The Future and include comics like Russell Peters, Elvira Kurt, Richard Lett, Darren Frost, Jeff McEnery, and Nikki Payne to name a few.

The Future is a bit of a misnomer as many of the comics on this 2 CD section are the present and a couple have already stagnated.

I am of two minds when it comes to this comedy audio book. A history of Canadian stand-up comedy was overdue. Breslin knows his stuff and is a solid narrator with lots of insight. He is a bit of a cheerleader sometimes but that is to be expected from a guy who gave a place for stand-up comedy to flourish in Canada.

Still, I would have preferred more stand-up comedy and less Breslin. How that could have been done is fortunately not my problem as it would be almost impossible to improve on Yuk Yuk’s Guide to Canadian Standup unless you included more CDs.

Yuk Yuk’s Guide to Canadian Stand-up Track List:

CD 1 – The Roots: Don Harron, Dave Broadfoot, David Steinberg, Gary David, La Troupe Grotesque, Larry Horowitz, Chas Lawther, Marla Lukowfsky, Gerry Rednob, Briane Nasimok.

CD 2 – The Stars: Howie Mandel, Jim Carrey, Mike MacDonald, Jeremy Hotz, Norm MacDonald, Harland Williams, Pat Bullard, Mike Bullard, Mike Wilmot, Brent Butt, Gerry Dee, Sean Cullen.

CD 3 – The Future: Kenny Robinson, Russell Peters, Shaun Majumder, Ron Josol, Shannon Laverty, Martha Chavez, Kate Davis, Judy Croon, Tracey MacDonald, Carla Collins, Elvira Kurt, Trevor Boris.

CD 4 – The Future: Craig Campbell, Richard Lett, Graham Clark, Daemonde Tshritter, Jeffery Yu, Jason Rouse, Nikki Payne, Darren Frost, Aaron Berg, Jeff McEnery.

Bonus CD – The Funniest Fifty Minutes Ever: Mark Breslin, John Wing jr., Donnie Coy, Lou Dinos, Al and George, Lawrence Morgenstern, Mark Breslin, Howard Busgang, Larry Horowitz, Glen Foster, Pat Bullard, Sam Kinison, Mike MacDonald, Mark Breslin.

Yuk Yuk’s Guide to Canadian Stand-up
Written and narrated by Mark Breslin
Mike MacDonald, Brent Butt, Darren Frost
47 other stand-up comics
5 CD set
Harper Collins Audio 2009

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