Moe Ismail is a muslim Canadian stand-up comic. His first stand-up comedy album Homeroom Habibi is a lot of fun to listen to.

Ismail opens with a reference to coming out of Covid and that he believes it all started because some college guy decided to eat a bat. He then talks about his trip to Mecca and how everybody he knew wanted him to say a prayer for someone special. It is interesting but I wish the comedian had done more with the premise.

Moe Habibi then relates his experiences travelling and his take on what he calls the “foreign hustle”. This is followed by his take on following your dreams, be it being head of HR or a knee specialist.

In real life this Canadian stand-up comic is a grade school teacher so there is some solid material about that and what it is like teaching kids today and what those kids are like.

Also on Homeroom Habibi are a bit on going to a restaurant where the is no light. Having heard a similar bit before, I was not as interested as most listeners would be.

This stand-up comedy album closes with the comic reminding us we should be thankful, working on yourself, and how to deal with idiots in traffic.

Homeroom Habibi
Moe Ismail
Stand-up comedy MP3 album
Independent Release
Released 2022

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