Warn the Others
Scott Faulconbridge
Stand-up comedy download
Independent Release
Parental Advisory

Well, it’s about time. Scott Faulconbridge, a regular at Just For Laughs, the Montreal international comedy festival, and always a pleasure to see on CBC’s Comics!, the Comedy Network, and Comedy Now has released his first independent CD: Warn The Others recorded at Ernie Butler’s Comedy Nest in Montreal.

This very funny CD features Faulconbridge’s best bits and a couple of new ones resulting from his marriage and having a baby (his wife, that is). He opens with his classic Porpoises bit, moves on to a humorous story about kitty litter and a three-legged cat, before going into the title track of the CD where after making a few jokes about the role of the groom at a wedding, he segues into the joys being a parent and reveals why people take their screaming babies out in public.

This is a very personable and funny stand-up comic’s weakness may be the segue but he can definitely use the much harder to master recall. Most of the tracks on this indie cd run under three minutes so there is something for everyone. Faulconbridge is quite the outdoorsman according to his interest in horse back riding, camping with his friend Steve and the local bear, and skiing. This does not mean he is any good at those things but at least he got quite a few jokes out of his mishaps.

It is rare to hear this comedian do political humor but he does here with a few jokes at the expense of Saddam Hussein and George Bush. He can sometimes be a little dark, nothing wrong with that, but also works blue and sometimes that doesn’t feel quite right.

Warn The Others closes with a couple of tracks about his twenty-dollar car (and it is here his talent for recall is at its peak), being sent to the video store by his wife, and closes with a visual bit about being caught in the rain. Luckily, he has provided a picture on the insert so you get the joke (he kind of looks like Riff Raff in the Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Although the sound quality on this CD is not absolutely perfect, it is still better than most indie CDs out there and better than some comedy CDs released by major labels.

This is good stuff.

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