So on a really high tension day with my wife and son in the car I slipped Live From Outer Space into the CD for a little comic relief and was blessed with a lot of comic relief. F

or anyone unfamiliar with Carla Ulbrich the chanteuse cum stand-up comic plays a wicked guitar and has even added the harmonica to her acoustic repertoire. Live From Outer Space has a lot going for it but there is one caveat out of the starting block for audiophiles: uneven sound quality. I found myself fiddling with the volume half a dozen time s while listening to the CD. The CD was recorded at the Sirius XM Radio Performance Theatre on the Romantic Devil Records label.

Live From Outer Space is a solid mixture of short observational stand-up bits blending with musical bits which vary in length from full length songs to snippets. One of the best musical bits that had the car in stitches was the 13th track called Bad Song Ideas. I had a soft spot too for the stand-up bit about grammar called The Scooter Store. My teenage son delighted in If I Had The Copyright which is a very funny track about the ubiquitous F-bomb. All in all this is a delightful CD and will get multiple plays over the next few days. Ulbrich is smart and funny and is gifted with a wonderful voice.

As mentioned earlier there is only one caveat to adding Carla Ulbrich Live From Outer Space to your CD collection and that is that the sound engineer could have used a little more experience working with a live situation. It isn’t enough to really be an issue but some audio nuts (like my partner) might find it a tad annoying. For my own part the occasional need to adjust the volume did not detract from the laughs and I think my wife is still chuckling over a bit about pads with wings.

Live From Outer Space
Recorded at Sirius XM Radio Performance Theatre
Carla Ulbrich
Comedy song CD
Romantic Devil Records 2009

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