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I Love You, Man
Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Rashida Jones
Directed by John Hamburg
Paramount 2009
105 minutes

I Love You, Man is particularly unsatisfying and static bro’ comedy DVD. The premise for this movie is interesting enough but the characters are barely fleshed out and the story is messy. I Love You, Man is a movie you keep wanting to like and keep watching but you also check to see how much time is left on the DVD. This dude comedy is a dud.

No doubt this movie is a comment on what it means to be a man in the 21st century and the problems of defining manhood and living up to society’s fluctuation expectations of what a man is. Well, at least, that’s what I think it keeps trying to do

Paul Rudd is glacial as Peter, a thirty-something guy about to get married. Peter discovers he has nobody to be his best man as he has always had girls as best friends. This sets him on a quest to find someone to be his best buddy and best man. Meanwhile, he is trying to sell Lou Ferrigno’s house so he can buy the land to buy his dream house.

At first, I Love You, Man plays like one a woman looking for Mr. Right movie as Peter meets various guys through various means. This is kind of funny but the episodes are a bit too short to really connect. Peter then meets Sidney (Jason Segel) and they hit it off although it is obvious Peter has no idea what a guy is supposed to be like. Sidney is an interesting character but he too is not defined enough to keep you interested.

One thing I liked about this bro’ comedy is it did not go for the usual lost weekend stripper club and so on clichés.

Rashida Jones plays Peter’s fiancée Zooey. She does not have much to do but she is cute.


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