Steve Gillespie Alive On State is a very varied and funny stand-up comedy album.

There is something for every fan and you could also say there is a version of Steve Gillespie  for very audience member. This comedy download album features so many genres it kept me off balance for a while but it was worth the plunge. This stand-up is for a quote mature audience unquote aka people with a decent sense of humor.

Gillespie begins with a vain bit about his baby blues and this opening makes him sound like a rather vain comic whose material is all about himself. He proves this set-up wrong with biographical material that serves as relevant social commentary as in Boo Straps or Seasonal Feelings.

I also like a good tale and Steve Gillespie delivers with the a bit about dial up internet days and the closer about one hell of a bender.

Steve Gillespie Alive on State is a keeper.  There are many other great comedy downloads available on our massive Stand Up! Records dedicated page.

Alive On State
Steve Gillespie
Stand-up Comedy download Album
Stand Up! Records 2017


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