Apple Pie & Scars is a very good and, I am almost convinced, clean stand-up comedy CD.

There is not a bad moment here and though Matt Falk is not a profound comic, he certainly is very funny. I would not be surprised if it ended up on our top ten for 2013.

The CD opens with a rather facile observation on how when women talk about a problem they do not really want a guy to fix problems. Things pick up after that with a good slam on Lady Gaga and a workout bit with a line people are sure to steal: “What do I do between workouts? … I like to celebrate a couple of birthdays.” There are also bits about toasts and toasters, food, and water parks.

Notable in my mind is Metaphors, a solid piece about accents, and a story about pretending to be Scottish and meeting a real Scot. The Shamwow guy bit is on the other hand a bit easy.

This Matt Falk comedy CD ends strong with a prank gone wrong.

The one thing I think is missing on this Matt Falk CD is more material based on his Mennonite background. Everybody thinks he is an expert, and I am no exception,  but this is a topic very few comics can touch and that would certainly interest an audience.

Apple Pie & Scars
Matt Falk
Stand-up Comedy CD
Uproar! 2013

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