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Due Date
Blu-ray DVD Combo
Robert Downey Jr., Zack Whatsisname
Directed by Todd Philips
Warner HomeEntertainment 2011

Robert Downey Jr. is such a good actor he can almost but not quite make you forget the horrible, talentless, low-brow, unidimensional, gross, pompous, moronic Zach Galifianakis is also in this Blu-ray comedy. Only a complete lobotomy can make you forget Zach Galifianakis. Due Date Blu-ray is a bad remake of the great Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. If you think a dog jerking off is comedy then you are going to like Due Date.

Downey plays straight-laced and somewhat anal architect Peter Highman. He is on his way home and his wife is expecting any day. He crosses paths with a fat a-hole slob named Ethan Tremblay, a wannabe actor (aka typecasted Galifianakis). They get put on a no-fly list/ Highman’s wallet is left on the plane so he is forced to hitch a ride with Tremblay.

Aside from Zach Whatsisname Due Date does not work because Peter Highman is not at all likeable. Where in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Steve Martin played an annoyingly straight guy Downey plays a pompous a-hole. Two a-holes in one movie is a bit much.

This road movie comedy, sort of, also meanders in search of something funny to happen. It only reaches that destination when Highman and Ethan leave Mexico.

Look for cameos by Juliette Lewis, Jamie Foxx, and Danny McBride.

Special features on the Due Date Blu-ray DVD Digital Disc Combo areĀ  Ethan’s scene on Two and a Half Men; Deleted Scenes; Gag Reel; Too Many Questions; and Action Mash-Up


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