I already owned Steve Sabo’s third stand-up comedy CD A Mouthful of Sea Monkeys so hearing it is now available as a digital download from a major label is good news for comedy fans.

That is if you like digital downloads. I do not. DRM sucks because it limits your use of the product you purchased and God forbid your computer crashes: you lose the download. There’s also the fact I like holding the product I paid for.

That said, if a digital download is your preference over a CD and you like smart but dirty stand-up comedy, A Mouthful of Sea Monkeys will please. Sabo is a smart, adult audience comic who does not use blue language as a slight of hand to replace funny content.

Steve Sabo is a strong observational comic like in the bit about naming drinks. My favorite bit on A Mouthful of Sea Monkeys is the too short bit on who named animal groups (like murder of crows, etc. I suggest vivaciousness of virgins.

A MOuthful of Sea Monkeys by Steve Sabo is a solid release. I did find myself wishing Sabo had expanded some of his bits to their absolute potential. Guess the problem with being a very good comic is you do not really have to push the material, though you should.

Less impressive, and yes I am a sound hound, are the last three tracks on this Steve Sabo stand-up comedy CD. Recorded at a different venue, they really do not sound as good as the rest of this release.

A Mouthful of Sea Monkeys
Steve Sabo
Stand-up Comedy CD
BSeen Media 2009

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