I’m Confused, the comedy CD by T. Bubba shows he is another redneck comic from the same school as Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy and so on. Bubba is basically all three rolled into one. It works. True, there is nothing like the original, but his humor is better than a simple, pale copy.

This guy is a good ol’ boy who tells funny jokes and stories. His version of You Might Be a Redneck is How to I.D. a Bubba and his version of Here’s Your Sign is The Igmos. If you can forget that other comics have done this first, you will definitely enjoy these segments and find the jokes funny.

The rest of this comedy compact disc is your standard southern jokes and stories with a biographical twist. The Redneck Riviera, that’s Florida for you and me, is T. Bubba basically establishing his credentials as a southern comic. Diet is this stand up comic’s take on the world of dieting and losing weight as in “I got so big my picture fell off the wall.”

Southern Politics is a hilarious bit on politics in the south, especially politics in Louisiana and the election 2000 results.

Maybe T. Bubba says I’m Confused but he knows exactly what he is doing on stage as a stand up comedian. Of course, he makes jokes about marriage and raising kids on tracks like Bubba Jr. and Little Bubba.

No modern comedy set is complete without jokes about how confusing the world really is as in I’m Confused, a track that includes quite a few fun shots at the English.

If you like Nascar, rednecks, the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and comics like Foxworthy, you will enjoy this CD. The sound quality on this CD is excellent

T. Bubba
I m Confused
stand-up comedy CD
MCA Nashville

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