Aged and Confused, the new (2009) Bill Engvall CD will please all of his fans.

In Aged and Confused, the Blue Collar Comedy comic goes back to the kind of clean, generally family friendly stand-up comedy that first brought him to fame and fortune and manages to keep away from the more acerbic stuff from a few years ago.

Most of the material on this stand-up comedy CD is autobiographical stories about Bill Engvall and the missus. The Engvall kids, now grown, do not show up aside from a couple of references to their having moved out.

The centerpiece of Aged and Confused  by Bill Engvall is a long form stand-up bit about a family vacation. This involves zip lining through the jungle, flying through turbulence, and more sharks. This is a really solid bit that will please all of Engvall’s fans.

Bill Engvall Aged and Confused does open differently with a few newspaper stories about strange people and events. This is not Engvall’s forte and the two routines give this stand-up comedy CD a bit of a false start.

Another very good routine on this CD is Birthday Suit which shows how badly things turn out when a guy follows advice written in a women’s magazine. This is clean stand-up but more adult oriented than the rest of the material here.

The show closes weak with a bit on colonoscopy, the airplane joke of aging comics. Nothing good ever comes from colonoscopy.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable, clean comedy CD that will please Bill Engvall and Blue Collar Comedy fans.

Aged and Confused
Bill Engvall
Stand-up Comedy CD
Warner Brothers Nashville 2009
60 minutes

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