Beige, the eleventh funny song comedy CD by Canadian group The Arrogant Worms, is great fun to listen to.

This comedy group has been around for a while. I used to listen to their comical musical inventions on the old mp3 dot com site and it was always a blast. Beige, a collection of 15 humorous tunes, is a solid release. Fans of Weird Al Yankovic will absolutely love this group if they do not already do so.

A funny song comedy CD is only worth your while if the music is as interesting as the lyrics and if the songs themselves are fun to listen to even if you are not a personal friend of the group. This is not a problem with The Arrogant Worms or Beige. Mike McCormick, Chris Patterson, and Trevor Strong, the Worms, can write a really fun tune and have the musical know-how to vary the supporting music so you get a variety of genres. In addition, there is a full-blown (no pun intended) orchestra backing this comedy group so Beige is not only funny but the sound is really rich.

Particular favorites on Beige are Pressure Washer, a funny surf’s up style tune about, of course a guy who goes nuts with his pressure washer. If you like sea shanties, Go To Sleep Little Leech, a rather bizarre tune about a mother singing her kid to sleep.  Twins should definitely play on country western radio stations.

The Arrogant Worms really do know their music. The Guy With Computer Know-How, a funny song every computer geek will absolutely love sounds like something the Red Army Choir would do on tour. Michael Buble will definitely eat his heart out when he hears IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), a tune you definitely do not want to play if the kids are in the car with you.

Perhaps it is because I despise barbershop quartets but the sixth tune on this funny song comedy CD, Ezra Eats, really does not float my boat.  Fortunately, this one less interesting track, along with, perhaps Brian’s Balls, is the exception on Beige. The tune about the Security Guard is dark and funny at the same time.

Another favorite is Mime Abduction which is exactly what the title says. I like the rather Parisian accordion and very appropriate French feel to this funny tune.  The heavy rocking number Teenage Angst would probably be a top ten format radio hit if somebody could get them to listen to it.

The Arrogant Worms have been at this comedy song business for a while and it shows. The production values on Beige are top notch and there is a great variety of musical genres and topics so every listener will have a personal favorite while greatly enjoying the rest of this solid CD. Most important, and a pet peeve about this particular comedic genre in general, the Worms know how to make each song long enough to be fun to listen to without any tune ever overstaying its welcome.

It would be a bit much to say Beige by The Arrogant Worms is the White Album of the funny tune genre but it is definitely a great release.

The Arrogant Worms
Funny song comedy CD
Independent Release
45 minutes

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