The Plunger, the opening track of Scruffy Logic, the stand-up comedy CD by comic Tim Nutt, is one of those “you gotta hear this” routines you will enjoy time and again.

The rest of this CD is just as good but The Plunger is a classic. Tim Nutt fans will expect to hear this routine each time they see him on stage. The cool thing is Nutt told me he was working on a longer version for his next release.

This plunger routines slides nicely into a nice bit on the retail experience where Tim Nutt shows he can find some original stuff in this somewhat tired topic. The same comment can be said about the track Scary Stuff on the many things the media is trying to scare us with. Being from Montreal and thus, Quebec, I enjoyed, after deciding not to take it personally, the eight minute routine on the topic. I find it interesting that though many Canadian stand-up comics have a bit on this topic few dare record it on a CD.

Another really solid routine on this Tim Nutt CD is the two part Camping. Nutt, as you can guess, it not a big fan, but he does find new places to set his tent in this somewhat common topic.

I know the plunger routine will expand in a future release but I also hope the very short Oww will get a few more lines. Nutt being a Canadian, there is a lot of self-deprecating humor at what is Canadian. I really like his bit on Hockey Night in Canada but it would have been cool if the lyrics matched the tune. Look for a nice callback in that routine.

Although it is fairly obvious some of the routines on Scruffy Logic were recorded on different nights, Tim Nutt is pretty good at the segue so his comedy CD is an almost smooth listening experience. This comic is not purposefully blue but does swear a bit so extremely sensitive souls would best be served spending some time in church.

Perhaps the best thing you can say about a stand-up comedy CD is “I wish there was more”. This is the case with Tim Nutt Scruffy Logic. I can’t wait for the next one.

Tim Nutt
Scruffy Logic
Independent Release
Stand-up Comedy CD
50 minutes

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