The Whim of Tim is the second Tim Harmston stand-up comedy download album we have reviewed.

It is a good album and Harmston is a good comic but I am not convinced the set is structured to maximise the material. The material is a bit of a downer and, these days (May 2020), I am less inclined to enjoy that kind of stand-up. At the same time, I found myself thinking the comedian could have been darker with some bits. Go figure.

The show starts off on a downer about the comic being bloated and thus being an easy to identify drowning victim. That and the following routine on being fat are odd choices to begin a show. Don’t self-deprecating bits like that require the audience to be onside to be really effective?

Whole Foods is becoming an almost compulsory bit for comic. I enjoyed Tim Harmston’s though I would have made the punchline a lot darker. Off the beaten path is “Bowling Ball” on what insurance companies decide to cover or not in a policy. I quite enjoyed that one.

I must admit I really got lost in “The Buffalo” which has something to do with erectyle disfunction commercials. This could be because Tim Harmston does not really set up the audience for that surreal a bit.

The rest of The Whim of Tim by Tim Harmston is okay.

The Whim of Tim
Tim Harmston
Stand-up comedy download album MP3
Stand Up! Records 2020

We have a massive page dedicated to Stand Up! Records releases. There a a lot of excellent stand-up comedy downloads there.

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