Tom Garland’s first stand-up comedy mp3 album Leash Your Kids is excellent if a little uneven.

Tom Garland is very funny and a lot of the material is quite original. That there is a slight lack of balance in either tone or quality of the material does not really get in the way. This is the first release on the Donzilla label run by comic Don Tjernagel and a good sign of things to come.

Leash Your Kids opens with a rather unoriginal bit about people who go to KISS concerts dressed as band members all hoping Gene will fall sick and they will be called on to replace him. The second bit about getting caught in the act is a very adult, nasty bit of business “I got caught red-handed. I didn’t know she was menstruating” jars because nothing before that prepared the listener for that level of comedy. Garland also weaves in a couple of old bits about the two Michaels –Vick and Jackson.

Fortunately, there are more than enough solid and more even bits on Tom Garland Leash Your Kids to make up for that. My favorites are Jesus Is Gay, the bit on Scooby Doo, and the closer, Remake the Bible. The title track is also superb

I would definitely pay to go see Tom Garland or get his mp3 album.

Leash Your Kids
Tom Garland
Stand-up Comedy MP3
Donzilla 2012

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