This Means War
Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

Mad’s Spy vs. Spy meets romantic comedy in This Means War, one of very few romcoms both he and she can enjoy. This is a funny, lightweight, sometimes action movie about two spies who vie for the same woman (Reese Witherspoon). They use all their skills and their agency’s means to impress her, forgetting all notions of friendship and the fact a bad Russian mobster is out for revenge.

Lauren (Witherspoon) is a thirty-something single gal and head of a consumer product research joint. Her best friend Trish (Chelsea Handler) creates a profile for her on a dating site. This get the attention of single dad CIA agent Tuck. Lauren then runs across Tuck’s buddy FDR, also a CIA agent who is more a love ‘em and leave ‘em type.

When the two spies realize they are vying for the same woman they establish ground rules but that, common sense, and restraint soon try to go out the window in a contest to win the girl.

Unfortunately, the contest between FDR and Tuck is not as all-out as it could have been. The viewer keeps wishing for more tech stuff and that the agents worked harder at topping each other.

This Means War is a bit long in setting up everything but the pace picks up at the forty-minute mark.

This is a fun romantic comedy with a bit of action but its restraint makes it less than it could have been.

This Means War Blu-ray DVD set special features include Alternate Endings; Bachelorette Party; Uncensored Gag Reel; Deleted Scenes;  Audio Commentary by Director McG (standard and extended versions); and Theatrical Trailer


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