White Girls With Cornrows is Tom Segura’s sophomore standup independent comedy MP3 or CD,

Segura has a very relaxed persona, and delivers bits typically heavy on sarcasm.  While much of Segura’s material centers around culture and the absurdity of the people who surround him, his material is not recycled or the typical Group X is different than Group Y type stuff.  Rather, Segura has his own unique voice and perspective, and is a joy to listen to.

Being a Los Angeles resident who works in downtown Los Angeles, Segura’s bit skewering downtown Los Angeles was particularly hilarious to me.  The album gets its title from the idea that you always know when you are in a dicey neighborhood.  If you see a white girl with cornrows … run.

The album also contains bits about being caught masturbating (by a stranger), a man who tried to domesticate a bunch of wild animals, and his cousin who claims to be an “inventor,” when the reality is that he really just comes up with ludicrous ideas that he could never actually see through to fruition (we all know someone like that).

Segura breaks from his stage persona once during the album, when he annihilates an audience member for apparently whistling during his act.  I say “apparently” because as the listener I could barely hear the whistling.  In fact, on the first listen, I was a little surprised when Segura snaps “Could you fucking stop whistling?” because I did not hear anyone whistling.  He then continues by telling this person “If I had a gun, I would shove it between your fucking lips right now.  I’m losing my Goddamned mind.”  The audience goes crazy and applauds, as is typical during such situations, and then Segura just goes right back to his act, calm and collected.

For those interested, Tom Segura is also the co-host of a hilarious podcast called Your Mom’s House that he hosts with his wife, comic Christina Pazsitzky.

White Girls With Cornrows
Tom Segura
Stand-up Comedy CD
You Mom’s House 2012

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