I Love You, Now Shut Up is 99% relationship comedy. Normally this would put off quite a few stand-up comedy fans who are rather tired of the genre. Tommy Blaze’s set is simply brilliant. I have listened to this comedy download a few times for the review and am yet to be tired of it.

The highlight on I Love You, Now Shut Up by Tommy Blaze here is the 22-minute Men’s Movies and Chick Flicks. The entire track is excellent but the James Bond part of it is one of those routines you want to share with everybody you know. It is included on our Very Best Stand-Up Comedy Download page

Tommy Blaze hits all the standard relationship comedy targets:  Women have a larger vocabulary than men but they expect guys to guess what they are feeling, they ask tricky questions a guy will never be able to answer, women’s magazines are the source of most fights in a couple, and the reason the divorce rate is up compared to fifty years ago is self-help books and TV shows insist couples should talk to each other.

It all sounds like stuff a comedy fan has heard more often than not but Tommy Blaze has found a way to make the whole thing a memorable experience and a great stand-up comedy album.

I Love You, Now Shut Up
Tommy Blaze
Stand-up comedy download and CD
BSeenMedia 2015


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