I have no idea why someone would be disappointed in Tommy Thompson. Disappointed In You leaves no doubt he is an excellent comic. Perhaps he is a little more appropriate for an adult audience in its thirties but anyone who appreciates good comedy will enjoy this stand-up comedy MP3 album or CD.

One thing I really appreciate about Thompson is he knows economy is an important part of good stand-up. MP3 album at Amazon

Tommy Thompson is a biographical and observational comic. The CD opens with an interesting story about a crunchy granola chick with no TV. The first track also includes an observation about one of the songs in Grease that will make you question that musical from now on.

His segues are quite smooth. In particular, the one from the homeless couple to a friend getting married.

There are a couple of instances where I wished he had delved further. One is about being the only one of three children that was not baptized and his parents now changing their mind. Another is about both he and his brother being stand-up comics.

Tommy Thompson also covers more controversial material. His abortion bit is dark and funny.  The masturbation material is a bit too juvenile for me but you can’t please everybody and I am being a bit picky.

This is good stuff.

Disappointed In You
Tommy Thompson
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3 album
Delinquent Records 2012
39 minutes

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