Look at Andy Kindler’s expression on the cover for his stand-up comedy download Hence the Humor. It is exactly what yours will be if you listen to it. What’s worse is during the recording Andy Kindler says he doesn’t have to worry about the show being recorded because he already has one in the can. I shudder to think how horrible that one was.

To be fair, let me allow Andy Kindler to review his own stand-up comedy download:
“I can’t get any people into a room. Five dollars is prohibitive.”
“I’ve never figured out how to connect material into a theme. I have no theme. We are not going on some journey.”
“I’m taking my career to another part of the same level.”
“Have I done an actual joke? Look, that’s not the point.”
“I don’t want anybody leaving here on a high.”
“I don’t work out a lot of these bits.”
“How long are these jokes? They seem like hours!”
“”Let’s Not Belaborate” is going to be the name of this CD. I mean, enough with the humor!”
“These people are hoping I’m leaving. … That’s the wrap it up applause.”

To be honest, Andy Kindler does a few genuine jokes about halfway through Hence the Humor. They are nothing an open mic veteran couldn’t do. Then again, when was the last time you heard a reference to and joke about Topol?

Andy Kindler is / was very popular at Just For Laughs Montreal where his State of the Industry speech is / was a must for everybody in the business. Most of it was spent bitching about comics who were very successful like Dane Cook, the Blue Collar Comics, and so on. He recycles some of that material here. At Just For Laughs I kept wondering if Kindler could put his money where is mouth is. Turns out, Andy Kindler doesn’t have a plug nickel to his name.

Early on in Hence the Humor, Kindler states it took 28 years for him to record his comedy album. This is technically false as his video I Wish I Was Bitter was released as audio in 2014. It does not matter if it really did take 28 years, we could have waited another 28.

If you want to listen to an hour of disorganized, incomplete, pointless series of words is semblances of sentences, Hence the Humor by Andy Kindler is it.

Kindler being pedant, he will probably claim all this is anti-comedy of some kind. That does not explain the three minutes of worn out Dad Joke material.

Hence the Humor
Andy Kindler
Stand-up Comedy download
aspecialthing records 2020

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