Wanda Sykes Tongue Untied is the stand-up comedy DVD of her 2003 Comedy Central Special.

Six years later and the topical material about George Bush and so on is still funny. The rest of the comedy here is still excellent. Tongue Untied features Sykes speaking her mind about American issues at first and then more general relationship and men and women problems later. She’s a little salty but nothing a real stand-up comedy fan will find abusive or aggressive. This Comedy Central special also airs on The Comedy Network as part of its comedy special special January 5th 2010 at 5 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Sykes opens with a barb at George W. Bush and a very caustic bit about the Pope and pedophile priests. This is followed by a bit on DUI, a very funny stand-up bit on going to strip clubs.

Especially good on Wanda Sykes Tongue Untied is the long bit on men and women, especially the surprise tests women give men. Also in there is a very good bit on feeling sexy. Relationship comedy is old hat in the stand-up world but Wanda Sykes makes it fresh and very funny. The way she ties sex to going to the restaurant is simply brilliant, “I think I am going to cook for myself tonight.”

This is an excellent stand-up comedy DVD

Tongue Untied
Wanda Sykes
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2003
60 minutes

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