Wanda Sykes is a smart, sometimes acid-tongued stand-up comic. Her social observations and political commentary have a bite somewhat mollified by Sykes’ self-deprecating humor. Watching Wanda Sykes ‘  2006  stand-up comedy DVD Sick and Tired, it is easy to see why she was chosen to be Obama’s first choice for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

This Wanda Sykes DVD opens innocently with a decent airplane bit that segues into a routine on TV shows like Survivor and American Idol. The American Idol bit is especially funny. There is also a fun story about a guy who dumped a mouse in a pile of burning leaves only to see the mouse run into his home and burn it down.

Much of the first few routines on this stand-up comedy DVD are your usual generic stand-up comedy but Sykes makes it quite funny.

Somewhat ironic is the bit on the country being broke. This show was recorded during the first Bush administration but it is still funny some 5 or 6 years later. Also on Sick and Tired is a good bit on the space program, “a big ass welfare program for really smart people”, and whether the money spent on it is worth it.

Wanda Sykes Sick and Tired is a good comedy performance. It really picks up towards the end with a bit on Bush’s foreign policy. The bit on how arrogant the administration is is wicked. The show ends with a more general bit on how politicians are disconnected from the people.

Wanda Sykes Sick and Tired is a good show whose material has aged well enough.

Special features on this Wanda Sykes stand-up comedy DVD include a Q & A with the audience and a radio interview.

Sick & Tired
Wanda Sykes
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2006
70 minutes

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