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Arthur Blu-ray & Arthur 2
Dudley Moore, Liza Minelli, John Gielgud
Directed by Steve Gordon
Released 1981 Orion Films
Warner Home Video 2011

It is a shame Warner Brothers waited for the remake of Dudley Moore s Arthur to finally release this classic comedy on Blu-ray (along with Arthur 2, the almost as enjoyable sequel). Unfortunately, WB did little else with this title. The picture quality is not much better than DVD and there are no special features of any kind here. This comedy certainly deserved better than that. The only thing to recommend Arthur Blu-ray is the fact it is a very good movie, that it, Moore, and Gieldug were nominated for an Academy Award, that Gielgud won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, and the price.

Arthur dates back to the time when drunks were lovable and Liza Minelli was an excellent comic actress. Arthur (Dudley Moore) is a playboy millionaire and full-time drunk. He just wants somebody to like him. His father threatens to cut him off unless he marries a woman named Susan (Jill Eikenberry of L.A. Law).

Susan is a nice person but Arthur has just met waitress and wannabe actress Linda (Minelli) and she is the one.

Will Arthur choose love or money?

Central to Arthur is Arthur s valet Hobson played by John Gielgud. Hobson is pretty much a big brother and father figure and, until Linda, the only person who cares about him.

The one good thing that will probably be said about the Russell Brand version of Arthur is that it got the original Arthur and Arthur 2 on Blu-ray


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