Costco Commercial aka King Of California
CostCo, McDonald?s, Applebees
Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood
Directed by Product Placement
First Look Pictures 2008
93 minutes including commercials.

Costco is a movie about a recently released mental hospital patient, Michael Douglas, and his daughter, Evan Rachel Wood, on a quest for a long lost treasure buried somewhere in the hills of Southern California but sooooo conveniently close to many large chain stores.

This 93 minute commercial with a bit a movie in between is also brought to you by McDonald’s. Applebee’s, and PetCo.

I would dearly like to know if Michael Douglas made this movie to put some money in the bank in case Catherine Zeta Jones decided to divorce him. Evan Rachel Wood is there because hey, it’s a movie with Michael Douglas and he’s already nabbed some younger chick so she is safe and can put this on her resume.

Note to Evan Rachel Wood: highlight being in a movie with Douglas, avoid mentioning which movie it was.

There really is not much to this movie. Nutcase father gets back in daughter’s life. Daughter works at McDonalds for many convenient shots of her uniform and McD stuff while bipolar dad is on a quest for some long lost Spanish missionary’s gold cache. They spend a lot of time looking for said treasure while the camera, by sheer coincidence I am sure, elegantly shoots a large company’s logo and store.

Since Costco won the product placement bidding war, the treasure is under a Costco and Douglas and daughter must get in the store at night to dig for it.

Just to make sure the viewer gets it, Douglas, after showing superhuman strength moving a pallet of stuff on his own, has a bit of dialogue to reinforce the point, “Doubloons from the King of Spain lost more than 300 years ago and they’re buried under a Costco?

Cue previously quickly introduced but not seen since Black character to help dad and daughter in digging for the treasure but not before both get a job working at, you guessed it, Costco.

This is a Hollywood movie, can you figure out the ending?

It is most fitting this DVD will soon be available in the bargain bin at … you got it!


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