Virginia Tech is as close to a Don Tjernagel Greatest Hits stand-up comedy fans are likely to get. Tjernagel’s approach to making a stand-up comedy CD is truth in recording: let the tape roll and release it as is. This could be risky as he does not seem to have a set set but this is a rock solid comic who is as smart as he is blue.

What do a room full of senior citizens and a room full of college students have in common? They both very easily moan and groan at the slightest dirty joke. For the Virginia Tech students though this seems more of a case of playing along than a case of really being offended though, this being a Don Tjernagel show, there are a few genuine ooohs and moans. In fact, if this comedian doesn’t make you squirm a bit you have a hearing problem.

Virginia Tech is also the loosest Don Tjernagel show available on CD. This is almost free form blue comedy. One of the many things I have always enjoyed about this stand-up comic is how smart his material is and how easily controls of his audience. This being a greatest hits style show the material is, of course, smart but the comic lets go of the reins a bit and this gives it a slightly different feel.

There are a few lulls here and there, especially near the end of the show as the comedian seems to be asking himself where he can go next while he fools around with the crowd. This is not really something that detracts from enjoying this Don Tjernagel comedy CD. After all, this guy is an original so you are bound to get something different

Virginia Tech
Don Tjernagel
Independent Release 2007
60 some minutes

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