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Death at a Funeral Blu-ray (British version)
Matthew Macfadyen, Keeley Hawes, Alan Tudyk
Directed by Frank Oz
Originally released 2007
MGM Home Video 2011

Death at a Funeral is better known this side of the pond as the 2010 Chris Rock shot-for-shot American remake. The original British version of this comedy was released in 2007 and is now available in Blu-ray format from MGM. though both movies are very very much the same, the British version is funnier. It probably has to do with the British characters being somewhat upper class and more uptight.

Death at a Funeral is a series of short comic sketches hanging on the story line of a family getting together for the patriarch’s funeral. Daniel is in charge of his father’s funeral. To add to his troubles his wife is pushing him to call the realtor and put a deposit on the flat they want to move into, his successful novelist brother does not have his share of the funeral costs and is more interested in hitting on a now legal relative, and one of the relatives (Alan Tudyk) is accidentally stoned out of his gourd and creating comic havoc that includes overturning the coffin. There are other lesser stories involving a crochety uncle, a guy with a crush on an unavailable woman, and a hypochondriac relative.

Daniel then finds out his father had a male lover who wants some money for his silence. There is also the problem of a second body the brothers need to get rid of.

Special features for Death at a Funeral Blu-ray are commentary track with director Frank Oz, commentary track with writer Dean Craig and actors alan Tudyk and Andy Nyman, and a gag reel.